How to Find More HOA Jobs as a Vendor

How to Find More HOA Jobs as a Vendor

Interested in working with HOAs? Using an online platform that connects vendors and associations can help you instantly.

HOAs can be great clients for small businesses. They usually request consistent work, are dependable clients, and form relationships with you that can be long-lasting and fruitful. They can also act as networking jumping-off points for your business and can help you land more clients.

But, knowing how to land these HOA clients is not always straightforward. They may be in high demand in your area, so it can be hard to stand out and showcase your business’s strengths and qualifications. 

Forming successful relationships with HOAs is worth it for your business. If you want to find more HOA jobs, here are a few tips to get started. 

Use the right channels

Conduct research to find out where HOA managers look for vendors. Do they read small business reviews? Do they conduct Google searches to find services? Are most hires referrals from other associations? Ask other small businesses how they land clients. 

Investigating these areas will help you understand where you can better reach HOA clients. Should you post more on social media? Which outlets? Should you send out a newsletter? When was the last time you updated your Google business profile? What about Yelp? Always make sure your information is current on these sites. Otherwise, HOAs may think your business is inactive.

Finding more HOA clients means knowing where they look for vendors and investing in messaging that will resonate with them through those channels.

Understand what HOAs are looking for

It’s always lucrative for your business to provide a solution when you know it’s needed. Follow HOAs in your area on social media to see what challenges they’re facing. For example, sometimes managers may ask for recommendations from their communities online, which will give you a heads up when they need a service and a great opportunity for you to step in and save the day.

Also, follow what’s trending with HOAs. Are more associations focusing on installing energy-efficient appliances or systems, for example? What are managers looking for vendors to provide in terms of sustainability or diversity? Once you can answer questions like these, you’re in a better position to offer your services to HOAs that may not know how to start implementing these changes. 

In addition to solving an HOA’s current needs, remember that they will also have certain priorities and requirements when vetting you. Give them peace of mind by letting them know things like:

  • Your hours of operation and work schedule
  • Your experience assisting similar clients
  • Your workflows
  • How you coordinate workers and ensure work gets done
  • Your dedication to meet their needs

Showing an HOA that you offer what they need is a great way to build your client base.

Make sure you have all necessary qualifications

Most associations are vigilant about vetting vendors; they don’t want to take risks. Always make sure you have the right licenses and certifications necessary to run your business, and that they’re current and in good standing. You must also ensure you have the proper insurance coverage for HOAs.

It can be hard to manage all these moving parts, especially when these documents expire. Using an online tool like VendorSmart will help you manage your compliance documents and keep everything current for HOAs to view and assess.

HOA managers have the community’s best interests in mind. Assure them that you take all necessary precautions when performing work and that you understand what’s at stake for them as far as liability protections. Have an open mind when negotiating contracts so that an agreement will work for both of you.

Use an online platform

Vendors can now connect with HOAs and other clients instantly and seamlessly with vendor management systems. Requests for proposals (RFPs) can be submitted easily, and potential clients can view all your information online before making a decision. 

A platform like VendorSmart allows HOAs to find you and review your qualifications, while also letting you browse jobs posted by associations. Our web-based marketplace helps you get your name out there and grow your business with more HOA clients.

The VendorSmart Directory allows you to showcase your business and its services to millions of people. HOA managers will be able to see a detailed description of your company, brochures, reviews from past clients, and even photos of your previous projects if you’d like. 

VendorSmart helps you find HOAs in need of services and makes the RFP process simple and straightforward.

Contact VendorSmart to learn more about how our marketplace helps vendors like you obtain more business.