Marketing Strategies for Your Construction Company

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The long-term success of your construction company depends on a marketing strategy that gets the job done without a lot of time commitment

Running your construction company gives you plenty to manage on a day-to-day basis. You may not have a lot of time to devote to building your online presence and finding new outlets to get your messages and ads out there.

But focusing on your marketing strategy will help you connect with more leads.

Here are a few strategies that will improve marketing for your construction company in simple ways.

Don’t be afraid to outsource

You may just not have the time to focus on marketing or creating online content for your company. You’re dealing with the budget, hiring and firing, scheduling tasks, contracts, and much more. If marketing has fallen by the wayside, consider outsourcing this work.

Outsourcing to a team of experts can be pretty affordable, especially when compared to hiring a full-time marketing staff member. They’ll be able to cater their services to your goals and priorities and ensure that you’re producing high-quality marketing content on all the right channels.

Upgrade your website

Your website might be the most important aspect of your online presence and marketing strategy. When potential clients Google your company, the website is often the first thing they’ll see.

Make sure that your home and about pages succinctly and effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and why it matters. Your brand design and tone should be aligned across marketing channels as well.

Also consider: Is your website geared toward a general audience, HOAs, or property management companies? While you may not want to be exclusive, make sure it’s clear from your website who you work with. If you work with HOAs and property managers, include information about your company that will appeal to HOA board members and managers.

Use social media

Engaging on social media is a must for today’s small businesses. It’s fast and easy to create a business page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using the platforms’ advertising methods is affordable since you can use the tools with whatever budget you’re working with.

You may feel overwhelmed at first, thinking that you have to be active on your pages 24/7. While you do want to ensure consistency and regularity, it’s acceptable to post a few times per week to keep your audiences engaged. And don’t overthink it. Share other companies’ posts that are related to your industry or location, post photos or videos of your team in action, or share news updates.

Post customer reviews

A great way to get an HOA to notice you is to post reviews from your previous customers. An easy way to solicit customer reviews is to send out a survey after they’ve worked with you, or send them a link to your page on Google or Yelp and ask them to share a few words about their experience. 

Part of creating a positive online presence is showing your target audience that you know what you’re doing and have had many happy customers in the past. Customer reviews help you build credibility, which can be more challenging than ever in our digital climate.

Join an online directory

When you’re looking for new clients to work with, consider joining an online database where community managers can find you.

VendorSmart offers vendors a web-based database where you can create a profile, be fully vetted, and be reviewed by property managers who are looking for vendors.

Contact VendorSmart to learn more about the benefits of joining our platform.