5 Premium Home Security Trends For 2023

A resident checking a smartphone alert from his high-end security system.

Learning what luxury homeowners want makes it easier to provide community managers with up-to-date recommendations

Key takeaways:

  • Home security is constantly evolving
  • Homeowners in luxury communities usually want the latest and greatest
  • Keeping up with current security trends helps vendors can relevant recommendations
  • The result is more jobs within HOA communities

Home security is incredibly important. After all, over one million burglaries occur in the United States every year, and nearly half of those crimes take place during the day when no one is home. In addition, about 75% of homeowners don’t have a security system, opening up countless opportunities for thieves.

HOA communities aren’t immune to these problems, so community managers want to do everything they can to protect their residents. Security vendors who want to expand into HOA communities should show they understand these neighborhoods’ unique needs to gain more clients within the industry.

To attract more clients, you need to be familiar with all of the latest technology that luxury property owners might be interested in. Here’s a look at five high-end home security trends for 2023.

1) Artificial intelligence

One of the top security trends for 2023 is artificial intelligence. While it seems futuristic, you can integrate AI security into devices many homeowners already utilize, creating a dynamic home protection system.

For example, the Amazon Echo smart home device can pair with the Alexa Guard security system to offer real-time protection. This technology uses smart speakers to identify noises, like breaking glass, that could signal an intruder. The device will then sound an alarm and alert the homeowner on their smartphone so they can intervene.

Security cameras can utilize artificial intelligence, as well. You can program these cameras to look for potential trespassers and other dangers, such as flames coming from a kitchen, and alert homeowners on their phones when anything out of the ordinary appears. Artificial intelligence is like having eyes on a community at all times without requiring a human to watch the properties.

2) Smart home lighting

Smart home lighting systems are another trend we should see more of in 2023. Of course, adequate lighting is commonly used as a theft deterrent, as most criminals prefer to act under cover of darkness. However, leaving the lights on inside and outside a home isn’t good for the environment – or your electric bill.

The solution is smart lighting, which combines energy-efficient LED lights with motion detectors and smartphone integration to create a total lighting solution. The gist is that you can install motion detectors in strategic locations around a home or community and provide residents or the community manager with smartphone access to control them. 

3) Doorbell cameras

Installing doorbell cameras in homes throughout a community is one of the top high-end home security trends for 2023. With them, homeowners can see who’s outside – and even talk to them – without opening the door, making it much harder for potential thieves to force their way in.

And it doesn’t matter if the property owner is home or not. The system can send alerts and footage to their smartphone any time someone approaches the door. It’s also possible to record footage when anyone gets near the residence, adding another layer of security. 

Doorbell cameras are rapidly becoming a standard feature in luxury communities throughout the country, so you should recommend them if the community managers you work with don’t already have them installed. 

4) Remote locks

The installation of smart locks takes home security a step further. These devices allow homeowners to lock and unlock their doors using a mobile app, so they never have to worry about forgetting to lock their doors again. They also inform the homeowner when someone enters or attempts to enter the residence, offering added protection. Plus, they typically fit over the home’s existing lock, so home security professionals can easily incorporate this technology without requiring significant modifications to the doors. 

Remote locks integrate with the home’s Wi-Fi service and sometimes use Bluetooth to remain functional during a power outage. There’s usually a traditional keyhole in case of an outage, and many systems also have an auto-locking function that automatically latches the doors whenever a homeowner leaves the premises.

5) Live video monitoring

Perhaps the most comprehensive security trend for 2023 is live video monitoring. This isn’t the old days when cameras recorded footage for later review. The idea is that you install cameras in strategic locations that stream footage to off-site security personnel who keep an eye out for potential problems. 

If you place cameras in the right spots, off-site security personnel should have a good view of the entire HOA community. Then, any time an unauthorized person wanders into the community, they can intervene in real time. Intervention can be part of the system, as well. For example, some remote-monitoring equipment includes alarms to scare trespassers away, while others have intercom capabilities, so security can let potential thieves know that they’ve been spotted before they have a chance to steal anything. 

Of course, the security team can also call the police whenever necessary, to better protect the luxury communities they serve. Having this tool available makes HOAs that employ it far safer moving forward.

Keeping up to date on the latest trends

Understanding what today’s HOA communities need to keep their residents safe can help you make knowledgeable recommendations when speaking with community managers – which, in turn, could result in more HOA jobs for your security firm. And knowing where to find community managers looking for your service is another part of the puzzle.

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