Eight Advantages of Using a Cloud-Based Community Management System

hand showing laptop computer with cloud networks

Learn how using the latest cloud-based technology can make your job a whole lot easier

Key takeaways:

  • Cloud-based community management software can streamline operations
  • This software ensures that all information is stored remotely, allowing greater access
  • This access makes work and collaboration easier

Community management systems have evolved significantly over the years. These days, more and more community managers are relying on cloud-based software to streamline their operations and make their lives easier. After all, who doesn’t like a solution that can help you get the job done while saving time and money? If you’re still thinking about trading in your spreadsheets for a 21st-century solution, consider these benefits:

1. Simplified access to information

Still saving everything on your computer’s hard drive? Cloud-based community management software stores your information on a cloud-based server. All of your paperwork, accounting records, maintenance logs, and incident reporting will be available from a centralized location that you can access from any device with an internet connection. No more going into the office because you need something on your computer. 

With quick access to community information, you’ll have an easier time making informed decisions, especially after hours. And the extended capability means you can support your community members from the comfort of your home, taking payments and managing property maintenance with ease.

Cloud solutions also let you complete oversight from any location by accessing essential data from any connected device at any time. And any updates you make will be synced across the platform and reflect on your next login, whether you use the same device or not. This is especially helpful if you manage multiple properties and can’t afford to sit at the same desk all day. 

2. No data redundancy

Sticking to spreadsheets for your community details exposes you to the risk of data mismanagement. As your community grows, the amount of data you have to keep track of can quickly get out of hand. With cloud computing, you can store all of that data in well-organized modules. You’ll also be able to separate your data into specific sections such as properties, cash flow records, inspections, or tenant information, keeping everything manageable and avoiding confusion.

3. Cost savings over time

While there are start-up costs involved with switching to a new system, cloud-based community management software offers significant cost savings over time. Cloud computing removes the need for costly hardware solutions, including specialized computers and on-site servers. Just log in to your property management software from your preferred device, then access your information anytime from anywhere. This centralized information solution ensures that you spend less time (and money) on paperwork. 

You’ll also spend less on maintenance while automating most processes. Cloud-based community management software allows you to cut out costs associated with networking, cooling, and power for an in-house server. 

4. Easier collaboration

Staying on top of communications from community members and HOA vendors can be overwhelming. A dedicated cloud-based management system can help in this regard. You can leverage features like calls, texts, or emails to enhance real-time communication with your clients. 

Typically, property management is simpler when you make it easier for people to communicate. Cloud-based management software eases collaboration and communication with your community members.

Anyone can access the cloud-based software. The user-friendly dashboards provide separate logins for tenant and owner portals. Send information to your community members in real time or easily track work orders. Also, the software lets you accept and respond to maintenance requests more quickly. Enhanced collaboration means enhanced customer service and increased tenant satisfaction. 

5. Increased uptime

You could incur losses if an on-site server goes down for extended periods. Switching to cloud-based software guarantees more uptime for your business. Cloud-based computing also protects your data by backing up your community files in real time. No more losing work because your computer crashed. With cloud computing, you can guarantee business continuity. 

Opting for cloud solutions also ensures that your portals remain uninterrupted through power outages and other issues. Seamlessly pick up the pieces from any location and keep your operations running with no downtime. Rest easy with the knowledge that you have automatic backups and safe accessibility around the clock.

6. Simplified scalability

If your business is growing, one of the most attractive benefits of a cloud-based system is its ability to scale. Cloud solutions allow you to add or reduce resources easily, making sure you’re getting exactly what you need without overspending on unnecessary features.

With insufficient storage resources, for example, you’d likely experience performance issues and your tenants might have difficulty accessing their portals. But cloud computing delivers precise resources that match your specific needs to avoid that problem. 

7. Increased security

A cloud-based management system guarantees better safety for your data. There’s little chance your data gets exposed to internal risks like compromised devices or user errors. These solutions hold your data off-site in highly secure data centers.

Your system will also have regular, proactive updates that enhance security. Manual updates can be demanding and costly for your maintenance team. And any delays in these updates can leave your system vulnerable to attacks. 

But by switching to a cloud-based solution, you can work without worrying about security challenges. The automated updates let you focus on managing administrative tasks and enhancing your community’s living experience. Thanks to the round-the-clock security, the system’s ease of use doesn’t compromise data integrity. So you can enjoy significant cost savings while simultaneously improving security.

8. Intelligent reporting

Do you want to know how well your community is doing? Cloud-based management systems are the way to go. Relying on spreadsheets causes you to miss out on intelligent reporting features. With cloud computing, you can access seamless reporting solutions that capture your community’s performance in real time.

Upgrade to cloud-based community management

Do you need to scale your operations? Cloud-based community management software is your best bet. These cutting-edge solutions can ease communication, streamline tasks, and save money. 

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