Vetting 2019: The VendorSmart Year in Review

Vetting 2019: The VendorSmart Year in Review on

82 Blog posts to help HOAs connect with trustworthy vendors

In 2019, we made a plan: Start a blog that would be beneficial to our HOA and vendor clients. Well, we did just that! We’ve shared a lot of information over the last year that we hope has helped you through tough times and answered your unique questions. Now, at the end of the year, we present you with all those blogs listed by topic to save you searching for the right answers to your questions.


What’s Driving New Trends in Landscaping?

Could AI Help Your Construction Company Grow?

Choosing Clients: Being Hired Is a Two-Way Street

Avoid Micromanaging by Learning to Let Go

4 Tips for Managing Slow Seasons

How to Keep Your Business Productive During Lulls

How to Ask for Testimonials

What Kind of Insurance Does My Business Need to Carry?

Surviving the HOA Vendor-Vetting Process

The Best Business Software for Landscapers

Vendors: How to Land Your First HOA Client

HOA Vendors: How to Build a Network from Referrals

Which Social Media Platform Is Best for Vendors?

HOW Contractors: Making the Most of Business Lulls

HOA Vendor Tips: Building a Social Media Presence

Vendor Tips: Making a Good Impression on HOA Members and Homeowners

E-Commerce: Tips for Turning Bad Reviews into Opportunities

HOA Vendors: Simple Tips for a Great Proposal

Tips for Building Trust Early and Fast

Should I Establish an Apprenticeship Program?

Hiring for Keeps: 5 Considerations to Create an Employment Connection

How to Recession-Proof Your Small Business

How Blogging Can Boost Leads

How to Connect with the Millennial Property Manager

Word of Mouth 2.0: Harnessing the Power of Online Reviews

How to Establish and Maintain Buyer Trust

Property managers

How to Make Sure Your Committees Are Working

Pest Control and Your Association

Can Non-residents Serve on Your HOA Board?

How to Handle Unexpected Expenses

How to Safely Store Compliance Documents

The Dreaded HOA Newsletter

4 Steps to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Association

HOA-Homeowner Communication 101

Do’s and Don’ts for Proper HOA Board Communication

Cloud Storage for HOAs: Pros and Cons

How to Deal with Nuisance Complaints in Your HOA

Why Create a Responsibility Chart for Your HOA?

How to Create a Vision and Mission for Your HOA

5 Tips for Making Big Repairs Easy on Your Residents

Smart Ways to Manage HOA Disputes

Management Software for Safer Community Spaces

Are Security Cameras Right for Your HOA?

7 Tips for Fostering Positive Resident Relationships

When Is It Time to Hire Outside Help?

Cash Flow 101: It’s Time to Take Control

HOA Management: Is Your Vendor Contract Putting You at Risk?

Community Associations: The Role of CRM in Improving HOA Vendor Services

HOA Management: Tips for Nurturing Great Vendor Relationships

Property Management: Controlling Rentals in HOAs

HOA Meeting Management 101

HOA Management: Best Practices for Alerting Homeowners About Special Assessments

The Smart Guide to HOA Document Management

HOA Management: Mistakes to Avoid in Vendor Bidding

The HOA Guide to Vendor Insurance Requirements

Property Management: Is Your HOA Prepared for Disaster?

HOA Management: 5 Steps to Improve the Request-for-Proposal Process

HOA Management: 6 Common Resident Complaints and How to Handle Them

Property Management: The Biggest Risks Facing HOA Boards

HOA Boards: Attracting Homebuyers to Your Community

6 Elements of a Successful HOA Survey

There’s a Storm a Blowing!

Creating a Vendor Performance Management Checklist

6 State Compliance Trends HOAs Should Watch

Tips for Enhancing Your Community’s Green Appeal

6 Budgeting Tips for New HOA Board Members

Eco-friendly Property Management

5 Vendor Management Mistakes to Avoid

Tips for Cultivating a Stress-free Landscape Contract

Management companies

5 Tips for Creating Risk Assessment Protocols When Hiring Vendors

Decoding Vendor Reviews

Management Companies: Brush Up on Your Negotiation Tactics

How New Is Too New for a Vendor?

5 Signs It’s Time to Fire a Vendor

3 Ways to Address Problems with Your Vendors

5 Things That Matter When Hiring HOA Vendors

The Fine Balance of Price and Quality in HOA Vendor Searches

Top 10 Qualities to Look for in a Vendor

Why You Should Never Ask Vendors to Pay for Vetting

Why Vetting Construction Contractors Can Be a Heavy Lift

Why Sweat It, When You Can Vet It

Vetting Vendors: The Importance of Knowing Who You’re Working With