Are You Doing Enough Social Media Networking?

A person engaging in social media networking on a laptop

Social media networking is an excellent way to get more leads and sales for your business. But the question is, are you maximizing your time on social media? Learn how social media networking effectively can give your business the push it needs.

Key takeaways: 

  • Your social media networking strategy depends largely on the kind of business you run.
  • Consistently measure your social media marketing efforts to see if you’re hitting your target goals.
  • Learn how other companies in your niche run social media campaigns.

With so much of the country’s population on social media, it’s no surprise that many companies are turning to social platforms to reach their target audience(s). But how much social media networking and marketing should you be doing? How can you ensure that you get the best results out of each social media platform? 

This guide will give you helpful tips on increasing your presence on social media to connect with community management companies and advertise your services for the future. But first, let’s walk through the basics of social media networking. 

What is social media networking?

Social media networking involves using the internet to connect, interact, collaborate, and share information or knowledge with like-minded people. It is a process where you create, build, and nurture virtual communities and relationships online.

It can be done on various social media websites and apps like: 

  • Facebook: Facebook has over 2.9 billion active users and can serve as one of the best platforms to reach a larger audience.
  • Instagram: It allows you to use creative videos and photos to reach out to people that might need your services one day. 
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a photo-based app you can use to share your work and ideas.
  • LinkedIn: You can create a professional profile on LinkedIn, network with others in and out of your industry, and find job opportunities.
  • YouTube: This is mostly a video-based platform where you can share and upload educational videos about your services.
  • Twitter: It enables users to share their thoughts and opinions by posting messages known as “tweets” with a broad audience.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat allows users to send pictures and short videos with their friends.

As a vendor, these platforms enable you to drive traffic to your website, build your brand, create a community of followers, and ultimately increase your sales. Instead of bombarding your audience with direct marketing, however, it is more appropriate to genuinely interact with them and let them know what makes your brand unique.

Before we delve into how you can use social media networking to boost your business’s sales, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of social media networking. They are listed below. 

The benefits of social media networking

1. It makes interactions more personal: Social media networking involves interactions and dialogues between people. It’s a two-way channel where you can create and establish a rapport with customers and prospective customers.

You shorten the gap between you and your audience if you can communicate with them directly. It makes your products and services more accessible.

2. It increases your brand awareness: People cannot become customers if they don’t know about your business. With so many people on social media, there’s no better place to reach the biggest audiences at a time. You can create and have natural conversations with your past and prospective customers.

As you do this, you build a community around your products and services. Happy customers will share their experiences with others.

3. It increases website traffic: When you create and share quality content on social media platforms, you give your audience a reason to visit your website. The more quality content you create, the more inbound traffic you generate.

As your website traffic increases, your chances of being found on a search engine like Google also increase. This generates more quality leads for your business.

4. It creates brand loyalty: It is not enough to increase your followers on social media; it’s important to gain loyal followers. Your presence on social media makes you more approachable and reliable in the eyes of your prospects.

A loyal following provides better engagement and a ready market for any new product or service you may provide in the future. Remember, it is easier to stop using just another service provider than a trusted and loyal brand.

5. It’s more economical: Almost every social media platform is free. You can save your business money when you use them effectively. Even when you use paid ads, the cost cannot be compared to TV or radio commercials.

Tips on using social media to drive your business

1. Content creation and sharing: Creating content can help you connect with your audience. It can also position you as an expert in your field. 

When creating content, make sure that you don’t sound pushy. Create content that focuses on people’s pain points rather than just posting ads.

For instance, if you provide laundry services, you can create blog posts, vlogs, and tutorials with tips. Examples of some topics to write on include:

  • How to get rid of stains in colored fabrics
  • How to get rid of gum on clothing
  • Tips for ironing clothes faster

Also, you can conduct research and share the outcomes with your audience. Sharing valuable data and insight from your research establishes your authority in your niche. 

Don’t forget to post consistently. You don’t want to just disappear from the scene and lose your traffic. 

2. Decide which platform is best for your business: In determining which platform to use, find out where your target customers are spending their time online and meet them there. You can do this by looking online for conversations relevant to your industry.

Once you know which platforms your prospective customers often use, focus your attention on those platforms rather than wasting time and resources on every platform. In addition, you can use social ads since they offer great targeting options. This can help you reach the right audience. 

3. Provide customer support: When customers approach you with relevant inquiries, respond as soon as possible. Give them answers that build your brand’s authority.

Your brand needs to create and maintain a good reputation, so don’t take customer feedback lightly. Appreciate customers who give you good reviews and delicately address bad reviews politely.

4. Measure your efforts: Learn how to use the tracking tools provided by social media platforms to measure your company’s social media activities daily. This way, you can optimize your efforts and build a stronger brand.

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We hope the tips above for effectively using social media networking have resonated. Remember, the more connections you make, on and offline, the more recognition your business gets, and potentially, the more sales. 

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