The Best Business Software for Landscapers

The Best Business Software for Landscapers on

Grow your landscaping company even faster by streamlining business processes with today’s most effective digital tools

The landscaping industry continues to grow. According to IBISWorld, it has grown at an annual rate of 4.6 percent from 2014 to 2019. And while the digital revolution hasn’t changed much in the physical landscaping services these professionals provide, it has changed the way every small business, no matter the industry, operates, gains customers, and keeps them happy.

Here are six areas where today’s technology can help landscaping businesses run more efficiently, followed by the best software packages for this industry.

6 ways technology can help landscaping businesses grow

1. Scheduling

One major administrative function of running a landscaping business is maintaining a living, breathing schedule. This schedule must be accessible to employees, managers, and possibly other partners, so it should run on a platform that’s easy to use and available anywhere (i.e., a mobile app).

2. Financial operations

Another major, and often overlooked, landscaping business task is the accounting and financial side of the business. This includes making decisions about what to charge clients, invoicing, employee payment and salaries, and basic bookkeeping functions. However, these functions must be streamlined, smooth, and effective, so business leaders can focus on delivering great service and growing the business. Financial platforms designed for small businesses can be a huge help in these areas, especially if you don’t have an accountant on staff.

3. Routes and maps

For landscapers, finding the client’s location can be a challenging part of business. Employees need to know where they’re going and the most efficient way to get there, especially because gas and other resources must be considered.

Online mapping platforms that feature optimized routing are a great way to help everyone stay on the same page and make cost-effective decisions about which clients to take and how much to charge.

4. Employee administrative functions

Of course, the workforce providing services to clients keeps your business running. How do these employees manage things like timesheets, and how are they getting paid? There are many platforms on the market that can help streamline these processes, and timesheets can even be automated.

5. Marketing and customer service tools

How is your marketing strategy holding up with the digital revolution in full force? Are you using all the online avenues available to you, such as a website, social media, and email marketing?

If your strategy could use some work, it may be time to implement a CRM, marketing automation platform, or other tools to help you generate leads, better reach your audience, and grow that bottom line.

Service businesses today also need to adequate customer service tools. Are you reachable online? How soon do you respond to messages or phone calls?

6. Data analytics and reports

Finally, remember that the only way your business will see substantial growth is to have the ability to view historical data about performance and use that information for future decision-making. There are many options for software that will collect this important business data and put it into a readable, easy-to-use dashboard that you can use to make financial and customer decisions.

So now that you know which areas of business you can use software to help, what are the best platforms out there?

Best software for landscapers

For financial and accounting services, FreshBooks is a great software option. This online tool allows your business to keep accounting, supply-cost tracking, invoicing, and reporting in one easily accessible place. QuickBooks is another good option for any small business that needs to have financial information and transaction tracking in one place.

For email marketing, Mailchimp and Constant Contact are two easy platforms for landscapers and small businesses to use. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to figure out, so you can enjoy a nice return on investment and stay in touch with your customer base. According to Capterra research, 60 percent of small businesses use one of these two email marketing platforms.

Arborgold is a dedicated platform for landscapers that can help manage phone messages, estimates, customers, invoices, accounting, and customer support, among other services. Because it’s designed specifically for landscapers, you know the software has truly been designed with the landscaper’s needs in mind.

When you’re looking for a platform to better connect with potential customers, VendorSmart is the tool for you. We have a comprehensive web-based marketplace of community managers and associations so you can bid on projects instantly. We also have a vast directory of community managers and vendors where you can showcase your business and the services you provide. You can also manage compliance documents within our platform, so potential customers know you have the licenses and certifications necessary to take on their projects. Get in touch with VendorSmart to revamp and reinvigorate the way you reach landscaping customers.