HOA Vendor Tips: Building a Social Media Presence

HOA Vendor Tips: Building a Social Media Presence onvendorsmart.com

A strategy for engaging on the networking platforms can be the key to unlocking a business’s full potential

In today’s digital world, great work and great service are just one part of business strategy. What good is doing amazing work as an HOA vendor if people don’t see it? While word of mouth marketing may be the only thing in a company’s comfort zone, it’s time to step into the online space to maximize the business’s reach.

After all, happy clients might tell their friends or neighbors about what the vendor did for them, but how much more impactful would it be for their story to be online for all to see? Instead of reaching one or two people, a business can reach the entire public with active social media profiles that showcase its services and share its client testimonials.

The importance of building a social media presence

For anyone still on the fence about building a social media presence, here are some figures that show the value of being digitally active. Studies show that 54% of social media users use it to research products, and nearly 4 out of 10 have visited a brand’s page on social media. Essentially, people are looking for businesses on social media – so vendors are missing out on these customers by being absent.

And it’s not just being present on social media that does the trick. In fact, many businesses have social media profiles that don’t bring in many leads. Why? Because the landscape is crowded – Facebook alone estimates there are 80 million small and medium-sized business pages. In a field that congested, only the best profiles will get customer attention.

If a company throws up a half-hearted profile and posts once a week, it might as well be shouting its services into the void. Many times, when businesses say Facebook “doesn’t work for them,” this is the problem. To get the most out of social media, vendors should follow these steps to make sure they’re head and shoulders above the competition.

How to get started on social media

First things first, the company needs to choose a platform and set up a profile. It may even want to set up more than one – most businesses have social media profiles on all the major sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

For those just starting out, it’s perfectly fine to choose only one for the time being. Remember, it’s better to have one stellar profile than 10 lackluster pages. It’s best for a company to choose a common platform that it feels comfortable with, such as Facebook, and set up a business account.

Work for engagement, not likes

Although it’s gratifying to get a bunch of “likes” on posts, these aren’t the end-all goal of advertising. After all, is the objective to be popular, or to grow the business? The two aren’t always the same. People who like a company’s posts don’t necessarily become clientele.

Instead of aiming for likes, it’s wise to focus on overall interaction with the audience. Have conversations, reply to their comments, thank them for reviews, and listen to their feedback. Engagement with followers is what turns them into customers. If a company’s audience feels like it listens and responds to them, it will build trust and loyalty in no time.

Above all, tell a story

Social media is, at its core, about sharing our stories. This is true for us personally, but also for businesses. People don’t just want to see monthly specials or advertising. The 80/20 rule of social media suggests that only one post out of five should be overtly promotional. The rest should be directed toward helping the audience get to know the company and feel connected to it in a tangible way. So no one should be afraid to get personal.

This can be in the form of insights into the company and the team, creative initiatives it’s working on, or even fun things like pictures of the office dog. Whatever the company shares, don’t let it be static and boring. It should strive to make a connection with its audience by sharing its stories. VendorSmart is a comprehensive web-based marketplace that connects vendors and community managers in one place. At VendorSmart, we understand that third-party vendor relationships are critical to the success of any association or condo. Our software and team of industry professionals guarantee full compliance vetting for every vendor employed by the management company at no cost to either. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today.