What Made an Impact in 2021

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Here’s your list of VendorSmart’s best blogs of 2021, which covered trending topics related to property management and association vendors

The year 2021 brought many trends and changes for property management companies, leaders, and vendors that work with associations and communities. From advising on how to safely reopen community amenities during COVID to giving tips to vendors on how to best connect with millennial property managers, we are always committed to sharing the latest strategies and providing expert guidance that will help you improve your business practices. 

Last year, we covered everything from smart homes to writing better vendor proposals to informing residents about surprise assessments to maintaining compliance documents easily for vendors. As always, we tried to thoroughly answer all of your questions so you always know what’s going on in the property management industry. 

So, without further introduction, we present your 2021 VendorSmart blog roundup to revisit the best content from us during 2021.

Helpful blog posts for vendors

It can be a big challenge for vendors to stand out to organizations and score association clients, like HOAs. Last year, we talked a lot about how to attract customers and deliver better customer service. We also covered the basics of working with property managers and specific topics on HOAs. Don’t miss these best blog posts for vendors:

Useful blog posts for property management companies

Property management companies have to carefully balance priorities for homeowners and their businesses while also managing vendors, budgets, staff, maintenance, and communication. In 2021, VendorSmart covered everything from winterizing properties to vetting vendors. Here’s the list of the best blog posts to revisit from the year:

Quality content for property management leadership

While the COVID-19 pandemic surged in 2021 and caused major changes for businesses, leadership had to understand the best practices for managing properties and vendors. Our blogs from the year covered compliance, disaster preparedness, pandemic safety measures, and lots more that helped them navigate it all. Here is the list of property management leadership blog posts you don’t want to miss from 2021:

Why trust VendorSmart?

There you have it, a roundup of our best content from 2021! We hope that it helped you as much as we enjoyed providing it. 

As we head into the new year, there’s never been a better time to get organized with a vendor management platform. VendorSmart is a web-based marketplace where vendors can create customized profiles to connect with management companies, and property managers can ensure they only receive bids for projects from fully vetted vendors. Document management and job postings have never been easier.

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