Management Software for Safer Community Spaces

Management Software for Safer Community Spaces on

Management software can make your community amenities safer and easier to use

Have you ever had to mediate a dispute over who rightfully reserved the tennis courts for 9 a.m. on Saturday morning? Or tried to decipher waterlogged handwriting on the sign-in sheet for the community pool? How about pulling hours of security footage to check on a “suspicious person” in the clubhouse gym, who turns out to be the next-door neighbor wearing his sweatsuit on the elliptical?

When it comes to communal spaces, it’s not always easy to monitor usage. Everyday activities like booking, maintenance, and security can quickly become overwhelming if you’re using an outdated analog system to keep track of who comes and goes.

Keep your resident’s safer and sign-ins simples with management software. If you’re ready to ditch the paper sign-in sheet, read on!

Easier space management

Managing your reservations and bookings can be a breeze when you have a software system in place. Instead of the cumbersome method of having residents call or email to reserve amenities, that you or a worker then must schedule, a dedicated piece of software or app allows them to instantly make bookings at the click of a button.

Let go of that shared outlook calendar or over-full spreadsheet on the office computer and let your management software do the work. And, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. Many management programs offer convenient, easy to use apps for free or a low monthly fee.

For example, Gladly is a completely free platform that helps HOA communities stay in touch with message boards, a community calendar, reservations, and even dues payments! If you’re looking for a more comprehensive all-in-one software suite, a program like ForwardPass might be more suitable. In addition to managing bookings, calendars, and dues, ForwardPass offers on-demand accounting services and work order management for a monthly fee.

Easier communication

One of the great things about integrating management software is the way it can bring your community together. Harness the power of the grapevine by seeking community input through polls, instant messaging, and group chats.

Programs like Bitrix offer HOA’s the ability to set up community communication that’s as easy as pulling up an app on your phone. You can go over plans for the next community yard sale, remind members of the date and time of the next board meeting, and get notifications about lost pets.

More secure

Finally, switching to management software can have a big impact on community security. Communal spaces are designed to be used and enjoyed by the community — and that can mean a lot of people coming in and out of your facilities every day. If you’re relying on an analog sign-in sheet, you might not have a very accurate record of just who has been using your amenities.

Management software allows you to have instant access to who’s reserved your clubhouse entertaining room or visited the neighborhood pool. You’ll have a complete record of who, what, where, and when — all without having a staff member present to physically check people in.

These tools also give you the option of putting out community alerts in case of an emergency. Communitrak, a platform designed for residential communities, includes a “Safe Alert Notification System.” In times of crisis, such as a natural disaster or active shooter, you can get important information to your residents in an instant.

Provide an exceptional experience with ease

The beauty of integrating technology-based solutions like software and apps is that it puts all the power of a sophisticated administrative system right in your back pocket. Simply use your phone to quickly handle reservations, keep in constant communication with message boards and IM tools, and stay on top of any community safety alerts.

Best of all, these solutions don’t have to be expensive. You can find everything from free software to a monthly subscription service, all with varying levels of customization and support. At VendorSmart, we understand that third-party vendor relationships are critical to the success of any association or condo. Our software and team of industry professionals guarantee full compliance vetting for every vendor employed by your management company at no cost to you or the vendor. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today.