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VendorSmart℠ is a comprehensive, web-based platform built to help Community Managers find the best vendors for their open projects. 
Community Managers simply fill out a quick and easy to use RFP form, and the VendorSmart℠ team will source our network of pre-vetted vendors, compile bids and deliver a professional board packet containing side-by-side bid comparisons. 
The VendorSmart℠ team will also vet vendor insurance documents at no cost to the vendor, manage service contract renewals and file and deliver 1099s. 

VendorSmart℠ removes the tedious and time-consuming efforts made by Community Managers during the RFP process, and allows them to refocus their time while our team does the busy work.

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Let VendorSmart℠ source vendors, compile bids and build your board packet

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