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100% Vetted Vendors Means 100% Confidence

VendorSmart℠ is a comprehensive vendor management platform and the only provider that guarantees to vet 100% of your vendor list — at no cost to you, the association or the vendor.

  • Vendor compliance documents are professionally vetted and maintained on-going
  • All vendors are vetted and screened prior to working with any of your communities
  • Developed by Property Management professionals with 70+ years combined experience

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Avoid Costly and Often Overlooked Mistakes

While you’ve probably vetted your regular contractors like landscapers, security guards and others servicing your property often, what about all the “one-off” jobs that often arise?

35% of Community Managers report they do not have enough time to vet every single vendor. While the larger contract vendors (landscaping, security, etc.) often get fully vetted, the smaller ‘one-off’ vendors typically slip through the cracks. These are the vendors that generally pose the highest risk to a community. 

VendorSmart guarantees that 100% of your vendors go through the same vetting process, no matter the company size.

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More than Risk Management: You Save Time, Too

From risk mitigation to vendor procurement and Request For Proposals (RFPs), VendorSmart’s intuitive and user-friendly design makes it easy for Community Managers to use.

  • Post, compare and award RFPs in one centralized location, complete with a professional board packet
  • Rely on a directory of certified vendors: profiles, contact info and verified reviews
  • Real-time reporting and insights to keep a pulse on user activity at all times

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“Knowing that our vendors are being professionally vetted by VendorSmart℠ gives me peace of mind. The service they provide is key to minimizing risk for both Spectrum and the communities we manage.”
Henrik Hansen
Henrik HansenCEO of Spectrum Association Management
“VendorSmart℠ has helped standardize our vendor vetting process across all teams and regions. This has provided a consistent framework and structure in which our vendors and Community Managers can work and succeed.”
Craig Vaughan
Craig VaughanPresident of Castle Group
“Reducing risk for our communities is a high priority for Rockstar. VendorSmart℠ assures vendors working in our communities have the appropriate level of insurance and licensing. All this, while saving our managers from having to perform the time consuming work of vendor vetting.”
Brandon Hall
Brandon HallCEO of Rockstar Residential

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